Bonaire Diving Adventure
The diving in Bonaire cannot be topped.  There are miles and miles of shallow water reef diving.  When you go, you will see an abundance of under water life and different species on every dive.  Just pull your truck on to the beach (get off of the roof in Spencer’s case) and walk right in.  It is fantastic. The pool is open 24/7. And by the way, DO NOT WEAR GLOVES!
The island itself is located 50 miles north of Venezuela and 40 miles to the west of Aruba.  It is covered with mainly dead coral, desert cactus, lizards, exotic birds, donkeys and brilliant pink flamingos that feed in the pink waters of the salt mines.  Above water leaves much to be desired, but below you will find a diver’s paradise.
Aside from a few arrests on the island, everything was perfect!  We had a wonderful time with the 21 divers from the Southern Skin Diver’s Gang, and would highly recommend that you travel with them in the future to Bonaire or anywhere for that matter! For a schedule of there future trip, visit their website.
The Photos are available!!!!  Thanks to Michael LaFortune for the underwater photography course and to Lynn Kenny and Fish Eye Photo for the great video.
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Place: Bonaire
Location:  British Virgin Islands
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