The seas were rough, but that did not stop this team from winning 4 awards as well as finishing 2nd over all.  Well done fellows!
The Tourists
Spencer Cocks the gun
Captain Russ shows the rookie a real dive watch
Forrest Surfaces
Captain Tom
GBM gets some shut eye
Forrest gets prepared with his 3 knives
I’m dreaming of starfishes!
Joe’s Catch of the Day
Pasties for Later
The big Catch
Joe finally shoots his gun
Joe surfacing with a big red
Surfaces with a big red
With a little help from Spence
I mean BIG RED - 21 lbs
Forrest the Flounderman ties the first place flounder
with this 4.4lb Flounder
Unfortunately he was second in line to weigh it
So it went from a $650 fish to a $100 fish - NOT BAD!
How cute is Captain Russ?
How cute is Joey?
How cute are the Phillips brothers?
Always happy
I know, I am such a shit!
The rig
Watch out Cobia, here comes the Rookie
The helicopter taking off!
Joe surfacing with the 2nd place Amberjack
Look out, he’s a fighter!
Spencer bringing in the big Cobia
Captain Tom and his 3rd place flounder
Spencer and Cobia
Joe and Amberjack
That would be Mike Wade in the backround!
Captain Tom and the 21lb Big Red Snapper
Spencer and the 2 big Reds
The Tourists Dive Team
The Catch
Joe is so proud of his first day’s catch
The Tourists
Up Close and Personal