Shark Fishing
April 28, 2007
After pulling on the big “snapper” for 30 minutes, the 7ft. bull reared his ugly head.  These are photos of Captain Tom bringing the shark to the boat.  Finally he broke the line and swam down to eat more of our bait.  Captain Tom and Captain Harold Rogers (Captain Good Eye) finally had enough and loaded one of our trolling rods down with a 6 inch hook and lots of yummy squid to entice the beast back.  After about 10 minutes of drifting the line, he finally took it.  As Captain Good Eye put the boat in gear, the entire rod broke in half and went sailing into the deep blue ocean.
The Brave Captain Tom decided to go down after it.  When he
arrived at the bottom, the shark had wrapped himself around
the tank structure still attached to the line and rod.  He was very
angry and was trying desperately to free himself.  Tom was able
to cut the line free and rescue the rod and real.  However, he
opted to not bring up the lure!